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Scott Allen Klopfenstein

Scott Klopfenstein stepped onto a tour bus at the tender age of seventeen and spent half his life on the road as a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist of Reel Big Fish. Over his seventeen year stretch with the band, he’s performed for countless thousands, gallivanted across television screens and stages worldwide, as well as starting his own project, The Littlest Man Band. In 2005, he decided to abandon the sun-drenched streets of California and relocate to New York. Five years latter, Scott left the road to start a family. Start over. Control-Alt-Delete.

Scott got a civilian job and paid his bills and cultivated his Harry Potter memorabilia collection. He grew up and discovered how to be a father, a husband and employee all the while his instruments fell apart from neglect. During this period, he dabbled and dipped his toe back into the melodic stream but nothing grabbed him. There has to be a fucking point to making music. Scott tumbled around with this existential conundrum by examining his voice, contemplating his context within humanity, as well as rewatching the Prisoner of Azkaban forty-seven times. 

In 2013, he connected with Catya McMullen, a brilliant playwright who fueled Scott to compose music for various theater projects. Scott found that the storytelling aspects existing outside of himself appealed more to him than the typical self-absorbed reflections found in most vapid pop music. He discovered that by shining a light onto other people’s stories and experiences, Scott uncovered the true value in his own. All these moments he collected in this new chapter of his life echo in each song he crafts. Scott took a giant leap from the stage back to the earth in order to create something original. Scott chose to be a role model for his two daughters, embodying what to do with your talent. Don’t hoard it to yourself. You can only keep it if you give it away.

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